Mechanism Design and Mechanism Dynamics > Mechanism Dynamics > Modeling Entities > Springs and Dampers > To Create a Spring
To Create a Spring
1. Click . The Spring tab opens.
2. Click for an extension spring or for a torsion spring.
3. Click the References tab.
4. Select the motion axis or points to place the spring. To select two points, press and hold CTRL or select a point and drag the handle to the second point.
5. For a motion axis zero-based spring, select Use motion axis zero under Attachment Points to set the motion axis position as zero, or select Custom to set your own attachment points.
6. Click the Options tab to set the size of the icon display for an extension spring. Select the Adjust Icon Diameter check box and enter a value in the Diameter box, or drag the handle to set the diameter.
7. Type a value for the spring stiffness coefficient or select a value from the list.
8. Type a value for the length of the unstretched spring or select a value from the list.
* The units for these parameters are set by the template and cannot be changed.
9. Click Properties to type a new name for the spring.
10. Click to preview the new spring, or click to view spring information.
11. Click .