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About the Spring User Interface
The Spring user interface consists of tabs, commands, and shortcut menus. A spring system is represented by on the Mechanism Tree. Click to create or edit a spring. Click a tab to review the properties of an existing spring.
References—Displays the spring placement references.
Options—Displays the diameter of an extension spring icon when the Adjust Icon Diameter check box is selected.
Properties—Displays the spring name. Click to open feature information in the browser.
—Sets the spring type to extension or compression.
—Sets the spring type to torsion.
—Sets the spring stiffness coefficient.
Current—Shows the current distance between the spring reference points, the motion axis references (translational) or the angle (rotational motion axis).
—Sets the unstretched length of the spring.
* You can enter a value for the spring stiffness, the spring length and degree of compression or angle, or select a value from the list of most recently used values. The selected value appears in the adjacent box.
Shortcut Menus
Right-click a spring in the Mechanism Tree or in the graphics window to access the following additional feature-specific commands:
Clear—Clears the reference collector.
Extension/Compression—Sets the spring type to extension or compression.
Torsion—Sets the spring type to torsion.
Use Motion Axis Zero—Uses motion axis zero references to calculate spring force.
Custom—Sets custom references to calculate spring force.
While setting references you can right-click the References collector to access these commands:
Remove—Deletes the selected reference.
Remove All—Deletes all references.
Information—Opens an information window for the selected reference.
As you select references for an extension spring, drag handles appear in the graphics window. Use the second drag handle to set the second reference, and then use the icon diameter drag handle to adjust the icon display diameter.