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Types of Measure
When you click on the Measure Results dialog box, the Measure Definition dialog box opens. You can create measures for specific model entities or for the entire mechanism. You can also include measures in your own expressions for user-defined measures.
You can create any of these measures if you have a Mechanism Dynamics license. If you do not, you can only create Position, Velocity, Acceleration, Separation, Cam measures, and any System and Body measures that do not require mass.
Position—Measure the location of a point, vertex, or motion axis during the analysis.
Velocity—Measure the velocity of a point, vertex, or motion axis during the analysis.
Acceleration—Measure the acceleration of a point, vertex, or motion axis during the analysis.
Connection reaction—Measure the reaction forces and moments at joint, gear-pair, cam-follower, or slot-follower connections.
Net load—Measure the magnitude of a force load on a spring, damper, servo motor, force, torque, or motion axis. You can also confirm the force load on a force motor.
Loadcell reaction—Measure the load on a loadcell lock during a force balance analysis.
Impact—Determine whether impact occurred during an analysis at a joint limit, slot end, or between two cams.
Impulse—Measure the change in momentum resulting from an impact event. You can measure impulses for joints with limits, for cam-follower connections with liftoff, or for slot-follower connections.
System—Measure several quantities that describe the behavior of the entire system.
Body—Measure several quantities that describe the behavior of a selected body.
Separation—Measure the separation distance, separation speed, and change in separation speed between two selected points.
Cam—Measure the curvature, pressure angle, and slip velocity for either of the cams in a cam-follower connection.
User defined—Define a measure as a mathematical expression that includes measures, constants, arithmetical operators, parameters and algebraic functions.
* The expression may not be longer than 1023 characters.