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To Create Cam Measures
1. Click Measures. The Measure Results dialog box opens.
2. Click . The Measure Definition dialog box opens.
3. Type a descriptive name for your measure, or accept the default name.
4. Select Cam from the Type list.
5. Select a cam-follower connection on your mechanism. The name of the cam-follower connection is displayed.
6. Select a Property. The appropriate units for the property appear in the Type area.
Pressure angle
Slip velocity
7. Select Cam 1 or Cam 2 from the Cam list. The selected cam geometry is highlighted.
8. Select one of these evaluation methods:
Each time step
Root mean square
At time
9. If you select At time, enter a real-number value greater than zero in the Time entry box.
10. Click OK.
11. Graph the measure.