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To Create a 3D Contact
1. With a mechanism assembly open, click . The 3D Contact tab opens.
2. Select contact references on two parts. You can select a spherical, cylindrical, or planar surface, or a vertex.
3. If you select a vertex, type a value for the Vertex Radius in the R box.
4. Click Contact to review or modify contact properties.
5. Select either Use values or Select material from the box to define the material values for the contact parts:
Use values—Accept the default values, type a new value, or choose a value from the list to change the Poisson's ratio, Young's modulus, or Damping values.
Select material:
1. Click More. The Materials in Library dialog box opens.
2. Select a material from the list and click the arrows to add it to the Materials in Model list.
3. Click OK. The selected materials are added to the Contact panel materials list.
4. Select a material in the list. The Poisson's ratio, Young's modulus, or Damping values update.
* You can select different materials for each part.
6. Select With Friction from the friction option list to create the 3D contact with friction.
7. Type values for static and kinetic friction.
8. Click to preview the new contact, and then click to close.