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About the 3D Contact User Interface
The 3D Contact tab consists of tabs, commands, and shortcut menus. A 3D contact is represented by on the Mechanism Model Tree. Click to create or edit a 3D contact.
References—Displays the selected contact references, and the vertex radius if one contact reference is a vertex. The default vertex radius is 2.5% of the size of the part's bounding box.
Contact—Displays the Side 1 Contact Properties and the Side 2 Contact Properties. Select an option from the list.
Select material—Click More to select a material to use.
Use values—Type values for Poisson's ratio, Young's modulus, and Damping.
Properties—Displays the name of the 3D contact. Click to open feature information in the browser.
Click the friction list to define a 3D contact with friction or with no friction. When you define a 3D contact with friction, type a value for the coefficient of static friction, or the coefficient of kinetic friction.