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About Playback
After you run an animation, click Playback. The Playbacks dialog box opens. Use this dialog box to review, save, remove, or export animation information.
Select an animation from the Result Set list.
Click Playback to play back the selected animation. The Animate dialog box opens. Click to play or click another option to rewind, fast-forward, play, and repeat the animation. The animation plays in the graphics window as the timeline advances.
* If you play back an animation, then select another one and click , the selected animation plays in the graphics window but the timeline does not update or change.
Click to restore animation results or select another result set. You can then click to replay the previous set or select the new set from the Result Set list and play it.
Click to save the current animation results to disk with a .pba extension. Only one file can be saved for each animation.
Click to remove the current animation results from the current session.
Click to export the animation playback to a frame file with a .fra extension.
Click to save the result set as a motion envelope.