Design Animation > Design Animation > Creating an Animation > Creating Key Frame Sequences > About the Sequence Tab on the Key Frame Sequence Dialog Box
About the Sequence Tab on the Key Frame Sequence Dialog Box
Use this tab to enter information required to build a sequence of key frames that defines an animation:
Depending on the type of keyframe sequence, use one of the following options.
—Opens the Drag dialog box to edit or create a snapshot.
—Opens the Exploded Views dialog box to create new exploded views.
Time—Edits the timing of a key frame in a sequence. A time setting of 0 for the first key frame is relative to the beginning of the key frame sequence, not for the time in the timeline. Press ENTER to update the time of the highlighted key frame.
—Displays the selected key frame.
—Adds the selected key frame to the sequence in chronological order.
Reverse—Reverses the time sequence of all frames in the sequence. Time values are mirrored for each frame. This is useful when creating an assembly sequence, you can begin with the assembled model and create a sequence showing its disassembly. When the sequence is reversed it simulates model assembly.
Remove—Removes the selected key frame(s) from the sequence.
Interpolation—Sets linear or smooth interpolation for translation and rotation:
Linear interpolation varies body position and orientation linearly between key frames, exactly following the assembly placement at each key frame.
Smooth interpolation varies according to a cubic spline fit between key frames, which results in a smoother movement, but may not have the exact placement of each body position as defined from key frame to key frame.