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About Graphing
You can display the profile of a servo motor as a graph to see the motion of your mechanism in the animation.
After you have entered data on the Profile Details tab of the Motor tab, click to see the motion profile for the current settings. You can then go back and change your data to change the profile. When you see the profile you are interested in, accept the servo motor, make sure it is turned on, and run the animation.
Click to open the Graphtool window. Use the following menu or toolbar commands to work with the graph and manage its appearance:
Export Excel—This option is available on Windows platforms only. When you click this command, the Export To Excel dialog box opens, and you can save the graph data as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Enter a path and a file name in the dialog box, then click OK to create a file with a .xlc extension. The file contains a pictorial rendition of the graph as well as a numeric table of graph values
Export Text—Save the graph data as a text file. When you click this command, the Export To Text dialog box opens. Enter a path and a file name on the dialog box to create a file with a .grt .extension.
Print or —Send your graph to a printer. When you click this command, a dialog box opens. You can output your graph to several print and graphic formats, or save it as a file.
Exit—Close the Graphtool window.
Toggle Grid or —Toggles graph grid lines.
Repaint or —Refreshes the view and remove all temporarily displayed information.
Refit or —Restores a graph and displays it in original state. Use this command after you zoom in on a particular graph segment to return to an unsegmented state. The software automatically redraws the complete graph in the current window.
Zoom In or —Zoom in on the graph. This command is especially useful when there are too many points (100 or more) in the graph. Zoom in on a section of the graph to choose and display a specific segment of interest.
Graph or —Open the Graph Window Options dialog box to manage your graph and its display window.