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About Segmenting a Graph
When your graph has too many points and looks crowded, you can segment it to display a specific section of interest. Segmenting a graph is especially useful when your graph contains 100 or more points. You can use either of the following methods to segment your graph:
Click View > Zoom In on the graph results window to get a close-up view of a specific graph segment you select.
Reset minimum and maximum values for the graph range to define a segment you want to display. The X minimum should display the X coordinate that is at the left edge of the graph segment, the X maximum at the right edge, the Y maximum at the top edge, and the Y minimum at the bottom edge. The graph is redrawn to show the specified segment.
* You can set the X and Y Axis in the Graph Window Options dialog box.
After you finish studying a particular graph segment, restore it to its original, unsegmented state by clicking View > Refit. The software redraws the entire graph in the current window.