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About Connection Status
If you are using an assembly created using predefined constraint sets, use the connection status command to manage the connections in your assembly. You can change the connection status within the Drag dialog box when you take snapshots to use in a key frame sequence.
* When you set a connection status in the Connection Status dialog box, an icon appears on the timeline next to the connection, indicating that the status has been changed. This connection status takes precedence over any status defined in the Drag dialog box that is included in a key frame sequence.
When you click Connection Status, the Connection Status dialog box opens. Select a connection, then set the following options:
Time—Enter a time value in the Value box, then select an event from the After list. The connection state and locking status will take effect by the specified amount of time after the selected event.
State—Select or clear the Enable or Disable buttons to enable or disable the connection. When you click Apply, a connection icon on the timeline reflects the connection status.
Lock/Unlock—Select or clear the Lock or Unlock buttons to lock or unlock the connection. When two bodies are locked together, there is no movement between them. You can only unlock a locked body.
Click Reset to reset the dialog box.