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About Transparency at Time
Transparency at Time controls the transparency of your assembly components at specific times during an animation. You can make a component partially transparent so you can see through the component's surfaces, or you can make the component completely invisible. This is useful when you want to focus your animation on the components hidden inside other components.
Click Trans @ Time to open the Transparency at Time dialog box. To use this tool effectively, the display style must be set to Shading. After the transparency event is defined, it appears on the timeline. You can edit, copy, or remove the transparency directly from the timeline or select another event as a new reference entity.
You can create several Transparency at Time events. Although the transparency events for different components appear on different rows on the timeline, when you create a series of transparency events for the same component, all the events for that component appear in the same row.
To set the transition between transparency events, select or clear the Transparency Interpolation check box on the Interpolation dialog box.