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About Events
Use events to maintain an associative relationship between animation elements. For example, if you set a timeline component to start when another one ends, and the animation end time changes, all elements that are defined to start after the end time are automatically updated.
Events for the beginning and end of any animation component included in the current animation are created automatically. In most cases, you can use a system-defined event and will not have to create one yourself.
Click Event. The Event Definition dialog box opens. Use it to:
Name the event.
Select a reference event. Use the down arrow to display the list of available reference events.
Set the time after the selected reference event that you want the event to start.
When you create a new event, a symbol with the name of the event appears on the timeline. When you define an animation element start time, a relationship is set between the element and the event, and a dotted line appears between them on the timeline.