Creo Flow Analysis > Preprocessing > Defining Physics > Flow > Conditions > Source
In the Flow Analysis Tree, under Domains, select a fluid domain to see the source in the Properties panel. If you select Create a New Source option under the Flow module, you can introduce the momentum sources and mass sources into a selected volume.
Mass Source
You can add mass source as a Mass Source Per Volume (kg/m3)/s, or a Total Mass Source (kg/s). A positive value for Mass Source Per Volume (kg/m3)/s or the Total Mass Source (kg/s) adds mass to the volume. A negative value removes it.
Momentum Source
You can add momentum source as a Momentum Source Per Volume (N/m3), or a Total Momentum Source (N). Momentum is a vector quantity and is added in terms of X, Y, and Z components. For a total momentum source, the source is momentum/ second with units of kg-m/s2 which is equivalent to a net force (N):
For a source per volume, the source is momentum/second per volume with units of kg-m/s2/m3 which is equivalent to a force per volume (N/m3):
A source listing appears under the Flow module in the Properties panel when you create a source using Create a New Source. For the Flow module, the possible sources for a selected volume are Momentum Source Per Volume, Total Momentum Source, Mass Source Per Volume, or Total Mass Source.
If no source is created, the source heading is not visible. Multiple sources are numbered sequentially, such as Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, and so on.
If you remove a source, the remaining sources are renumbered at 1.
To remove existing sources, select Remove This Source.