Creo Flow Analysis > Preprocessing > Defining Physics > Flow > Flow—Introduction
Flow is a module in Creo Flow Analysis to calculate the velocities and pressures in a fluid system. To access this module, follow the steps listed below:
1. Right-click Physics and click Select Physics Models. The Physical Model Selection dialog box opens.
2. Select the module from Available Modules. In the Flow Analysis Tree, under Physics, Flow is added.
See below for a description of items in the Flow module:
Definitions—Terms used in flow modeling.
Physics—Definitions, terminology, constants, models and methods used in flow modeling.
Conditions—Specifying conditions for the entities such as boundaries, interfaces, volumes, and the outputs from the module.
Numerics and Convergence—Parameters and models controlling the numerical solution.
Output Variables—Creating expressions for specifying conditions and post-processing associated with flow.