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Material Property
Material properties are volume conditions in the Flow module that refer to selected volumes.
The material properties appear in the Properties panel when you select a fluid domain under Domains in the Flow Analysis Tree.
Density provides options for setting the value of the density (kg/m3) of the material in a given volume. You can specify the density for a selected volume under the Common module in the Properties panel.
You can specify density as a constant value using the following options:
Constant Density
Ideal Gas Law
Isentropic Gas Law
Compressible Liquid
The viscosity for Newtonian and nonNewtonian fluids is specified in flow models.
Newtonian fluids
Constant Dynamic Viscosity
Constant Kinematic Viscosity
Sutherland Law
NonNewtonian fluids
Herschel-Bulkley Model—Requires specification of four parameters: Yield Stress, Critical Shear Rate, Power Law Index, and Consistency Index.
Bingham Models—Requires specification of three parameters: Yield Stress, Critical Shear Rate, and Bingham Viscosity.
User Defined Function (NonNewtonian)—Requires specification of three parameters: Stress Strain Curve, Minimum Viscosity, Maximum Viscosity. The user defined function uses an arbitrary function between stress and shear rate, such as stress = f(shear rate).
* The user-defined feature is used to fit any arbitrary function of stress and shear rate for NonNewtonian Fluids. For example, the use-defined feature imports experimental measurements from the measurements directly as an input and without simplifications or curve fitting for the Herschel-Bulkley Model.