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Using the Report Pipeline Dialog Box
The Report Pipeline dialog box combines the traditional piping information tools with Results and allows you to define and use Saved Analyses for future use. The Report Pipeline dialog box displays Info Type, Definition, Results, and Saved Analyses.
The Info Type box displays the following information:
Pipeline, pipe segment, and insulation under Definition
Pipeline, line stock, and segment under Definition
Length Type consists of pre/cut and centerline
Bill of Materials Generated for the Active Assembly
Bend Location
Bend Machine
Holes Report
Clocking Angle
Output File Interchange Format
Check Pipe
Pipeline under Definition.
Show Report Setup
Insulation Location
Supravision Output
The Definition box displays a pipe segment, pipeline, or insulation.
The Results box displays the name of the pipe segment, pipeline, or assembly that you selected with .
Info displays the INFORMATION WINDOW with the extended information from the Results box.
The Saved Analyses box displays the names of the saved analysis files, which are based on the information in the Results box.