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About Gathering Piping Information
Piping information is available from the main Creo Parametric menu. When you click Piping Info, the Report Pipeline dialog box opens. In this dialog box you can perform the following actions:
Show general information for a pipe segment or a pipe line.
Display the length of pipelines, pipe segments, or line stocks.
Generate a bill of materials (BOM) for the active assembly.
Generate bend location information for a selected segment.
Generate bend machine information for a selected segment.
Generate holes report information for a selected segment.
Calculate the clocking angle between two csys on a flexible pipe segment.
Generate a File Interchange Format file (FIF) for a selected segment.
Check a pipeline for line stock parameter violations.
View and remove designated report setup information.
Use the Saved Analyses tool to name, retrieve, and designate piping objects for report setup.
Show the location of insulation.
Show Supravision information.