Piping > Pipeline Modification > Editing Pipelines > Pipeline Merging in Spec-Driven Piping > To Merge Pipelines
To Merge Pipelines
1. Click Operations > Merge Pipeline. The Merge Pipeline dialog box opens.
2. Under Select From Pipeline, select a pipeline from the graphics window or the Model Tree.
3. Under Select Start Segment/Fitting, select the start pipe segment or fitting. By default, an arrow is displayed along the downstream flow direction of the pipeline at the selected pipe segment or fitting. This indicates that all of the connected portion along the downstream portion of the pipeline is selected if you do not specify any additional end pipes or fittings.
4. Under Select End Segment(s)/Fitting(s), select one or more pipes or fittings to end the selection bounds.
5. Click to add a pipe or a fitting, or click to remove a pipe or a fitting from the end bounds.
6. Under Select To Pipe Line, select the pipeline on which the components of the From Pipeline are merged.
7. Click OK to merge the components from the From Pipeline to the To Pipeline
Click Apply to repeat the merge pipeline operation by selecting a different pipeline.