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Considerations for Merging Pipelines
The configuration of the pipeline that you want to merge does not change during the merge operation, that is, the merged pipes and fittings do not change in size, specification, schedule, and dimensions.
You can separate pipes and fittings merged from a pipeline and merge them back only to the original pipeline that contained these pipes and fittings. Spec-Driven Piping does not allow nested merge operations. All the pipes and fittings in the From Pipeline, including the ones that are not merged from the original pipeline, are merged back to the original pipeline. The bound selection and the To Pipeline selection are not required.
If the original pipeline is deleted, suppressed, or the original pipeline assembly is not retrieved in the current session, you cannot separate the pipeline components.
You cannot select a suppressed pipeline as a From Pipeline. Therefore, you cannot merge the pipes and fittings of a suppressed pipeline with other pipelines.
You cannot select a pipeline as a To Pipeline if:
The selected pipeline already has pipes and fittings that are merged from another pipeline.
Part of the selected pipeline has already been merged to another pipeline.
If the To Pipeline already has pipes and fittings merged from one pipeline, you cannot merge pipelines to it from another pipeline.
You can merge different parts of a pipeline to one or more pipelines.
The insulation assigned to the selected pipes and fittings of the From Pipeline within the selected bounds is merged to the To Pipeline during the merge operation. The insulation assigned to the From Pipeline beyond the selected bounds is not merged to the To Pipeline.
Pipe spools and spool labels that contain the selected pipes and fittings of the From Pipeline are deleted from the From Pipeline after the merge operation.
The pipeline label attached to the selected pipes of the From Pipeline are deleted after the merge operation.
You cannot perform a merge operation if the piping features of the From Pipeline are included in the user-defined group. Ungroup the piping features before you proceed.