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The JIS Standard
Spec-Driven Piping supports a fitting library based on the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) Piping Standard. The following types of parts have been added to the JIS fitting library:
Valve (Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly, Angle valve, Relief valve, and so on)
Flange (weld-neck, slip-on, blind, and so on)
Elbow (90 degree, 45 degree, long and short radii elbows, and so on)
Elbowlet (special tapped fittings for elbows)
Branch (straight TEE, reducing TEE, and so on)
Branchlet (Half couplings, olets, and so on)
Reducer (concentric and eccentric)
General (Caps, plugs, full couplings, strainers, and so on)
Gasket (various types of gaskets)
New Fitting Weight information is specified in the JIS Fitting Master Catalog files.