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About Live Dimensions and Guides
The live dimensions and guides are design aids that appear in the graphics window when you create, place, and manipulate geometry.
The Live Dimensions
The live dimensions display either the x- and y-coordinates of the pointer relative to the grid origin, the base point, or the distance of the pointer from a guide reference.
The Guides
A guide is a dynamic line that indicates a relationship between the pointer location and a referenced geometric entity. You can use a geometric entity as a temporary guide reference. Temporary guide references update as you work. Point to a geometric entity to automatically add or remove to the guide reference list. You can also set the time it takes to add an entity as a guide reference to the guide reference list and set the size of the guide reference list. You can convert guides into constraints and vice versa.
* You can disable guides or all types of snapping by holding down the SHIFT key.