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To Define the Guide Settings
You can set the display of the guides by setting the relevant configuration options. You can apply the changes for the current session, or save them to a file.
To change the display only for the current session, perform the following actions:
1. On the View tab, in the Design Aids group, click . The Design Aids dialog box opens.
2. To toggle the display of the guides, select or clear the Guides check box.
3. To set the type of guide displayed, select or clear the relevant check box.
4. To change the maximum number of temporary guide references you can add to the list, type in or use the arrows to set a new value in the Number of Guide References box.
* You can have a maximum of 20 temporary guide references at a time.
5. To change the delay before the pointer adds or removes a temporary guide reference, move the Time to add entities to the Guide References list slider.