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About Creo Layout
Product development teams can use Creo Layout to quickly try out and develop new 2D projects and ideas without having to recreate the 2D concept in a 3D application.
Create 2D geometry or import 2D data or sections from Creo Parametric or other applications.
Add images to trace.
Modify the geometry.
Add tables, dimensions, notes, and symbols.
Apply a labeling system to organize data, to simulate product design, or to filter information.
Divide into sublayouts to help improve the design organization.
Label the elements to use for the final design.
When the layout is complete, use the 2D concept in a Creo Parametric part or assembly or another 3D application.
Continue the 3D design development and detailing.
Creo Layout is available as a standalone application and as a separate module within Creo Parametric. Creo Layout are compatible with other Creo Parametric modules as well as with most other design applications.