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About the Dimensions Mini Toolbar
You can use the dimensions mini tool bar to control the way you create entities and manipulate geometry. Depending on the entity you choose to create, the dimensions mini toolbar offers the relevant options for that entity. The dimensions mini toolbar enables the following:
Toggle between Cartesian and Polar coordinate systems when defining the dimensions scheme.
Move the base point, which is used as the origin for the dimensions.
Change the reference of each dimension of the entity that you are creating, separately.
Move the base point to the origin of the layout.
Lock the base point to its new position.
Change the orientation of the dimensions.
For circles, arcs, and ellipses, toggle between defining the size by diameter or by radius.
The dimensions mini toolbar appears in the following cases:
When you start creating an entity.
When you click Set Origin.
About the Base Point
The base point is the location where you start creating entities. You can move the base point from the origin of the layout and position it in another place. Moving the base point helps you to refer to existing entities when you create a new entity. You can reset the base point location to the origin of the layout and use the new base point for references to the entities. When you move the base point, you can lock it so that when you create another new entity, you will still refer to the base point you positioned, and no the origin of the layout.