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About Creating Geometric and Construction Entities
In Creo Layout you can create geometric entities and construction entities. Geometric entities are 2D geometry that is saved with a layout. You can reference the 2D geometry in other 3D applications, such as Creo Parametric, to continue the design process. Construction entities are sketching aids used only to place and orient geometry and other data. Construction entities are saved with a layout, but cannot be referenced in other 3D applications. Geometric entities appear by default with solid lines and construction entities appear in a dashed line style.
You create 2D geometry using the sketching tools on the Design tab. As you sketch, live dimensions appear, displaying the location and size of the entities you sketch. You can lock and unlock these dimensions. If you activate Construction mode, you create construction entities instead. Use the Convert To > Geometry and Convert To > Construction commands on the shortcut menu to toggle 2D geometry into construction entities, or vice versa. You can also use separate tools to create coordinate systems, centerlines, and points.
* The number of entities in a layout is limited to 400,000.