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Diagnosing Failures in Mechanism
Diagnostics and suggested resolutions are available during Mechanism failures.
User Interface Location: Access reports from the Notification Center or from the Mechanism Disconnected warning.
Release: Creo
Watch a video that demonstrates this enhancement:
You can watch this video on the PTC Learning Connector: Diagnosing Failures in Mechanism
What is the benefit of this enhancement?
During a Mechanism failure you receive messages reporting detailed diagnostics and suggestions for resolution so that you can better understand the issue. These messages appear when any of the following occurs:
The model is disconnected as a result of regeneration.
The mechanism analysis fails.
The mechanism connect operation fails.
When a failure occurs, a pmech_conn_regen.txt or pmech_conn.txt file is created. These files contain the error information. You can access these files through the Notification Center or by clicking Details in the Mechanism Disconnected warning.
pmech_conn_regen.txt file—Contains errors resulting from regeneration. To view this file, click the diagnostic icon in the Notification Center or open the file from disk.
pmech_conn.txt—Contains all other errors resulting from analysis and mechanism connect failures. To view this file, click Details in the Mechanism Disconnected warning or open the file from disk.
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