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About Managing Annotation Planes
You can use the ANNOTATION PLANE MANAGER dialog box to control the display of annotation orientations in the gallery and reorientation of the model when the annotation orientation is set. Clicking the dialog box launcher on the Annotate tab in the Annotation Planes group opens the dialog box.
The dialog box lists the names of annotation orientations in the model under the Names column. The status of the check box in the Gallery Display column controls the display of the annotation orientation in the Annotation Planes gallery.
You can perform the following operations from the dialog box:
Set — Sets the selected annotation orientation as the active annotation orientation.
New — Opens the ANNOTATION PLANE DEFINITION dialog box that allows you to define a new annotation orientation.
Edit — Opens the ANNOTATION PLANE DEFINITION dialog box that allows you to edit the annotation orientation.
Delete — Deletes the annotation orientation.
Reorient model when set — Selecting the check box reorients the model every time you set the active annotation orientation.
Show plane grid — Selecting the check box displays the annotation grid plane in the graphics area when the pointer moves over an annotation orientation in the Names column or Annotation Planes gallery.
Grid spacing — Specifies the grid spacing value in model units.