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About Annotation Feature Structure
An Annotation feature consists of a name and one or more Annotation Elements. The system provides a default name for each Annotation feature as you create it, such as Annotation 1, Annotation 2, and so on. You can specify a different name.
An Annotation Element is composed of:
Name—The system provides a default name for each Annotation Element as you create it. The default name includes the annotation type and a sequentially incremented number, such as AE_NOTE0. You can specify a different name.
Annotation—An Annotation Element may include not more than one annotation, such as note, symbol, and so on. The type of annotation determines the Annotation Element type. If no annotation is included, then the Annotation Element is Non-graphical.
References—If an annotation is included in the Annotation Element, its geometric references become the references of the Annotation Element. You can also specify additional geometric references.
Parameters—You can add parameters to an Annotation Element. All the regular types of parameters, such as String, Integer, and so on, are available. You can also specify that certain parameters are automatically added to each Annotation Element at the time of its creation.