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About the Format Tab
The Format tab appears when you select an annotation. The Format tab provides options for applying and modifying annotation styles. You can apply the bold, italic, or underline styles or change the color of the text using options from the Style group. You can also change the text height of the selected annotation by entering a value in the font size box. In addition, you can perform the following operations on the notes:
Apply the subscript or the superscript formats.
Apply a box border around the selected text.
Change the alignment of the text.
Add, modify, and delete hyperlinks.
Insert symbols in the note from the symbol palette.
Insert notes from a file.
Wrap the text in the note.
Designate a flat to screen note as a security marking.
Insert standard callouts to a note.
Toggle the note leader between centered about elbow and above extended elbow.
You can modify the number of decimal places for the dimensions or the dimension callouts in the notes. You can also toggle between the annotation value and name.