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About Combined Views
You can view an assembly in different states like simplified representations, orientations, explode states, cross sections, and zone clippings. Combined views are collections of one or more of these individual states. You can set combined views in 3D or 2D views. Note the following points about combined views:
When the Annotate tab is active, the combined view tabs are displayed at the bottom of the graphics window. The contents of the active combined view are displayed in the 3D Detail Tree.
You can display the combined view tabs in all tabs by clicking View > Manage Views > All > Display combined views.
All models contain a Default All combined view.
When you create a new combined view, Creo Parametric captures all the current settings of the model and the current orientation. No annotations are automatically assigned to the new combined view. The new combined view is set as the active combined view.
You can modify the model orientation in an active combined view and save the new orientation to that combined view using Annotate > Update.
* You cannot modify the model orientation in the Default All combined view.