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To Create a New Combined View and Add Annotations
1. Open a part that contains annotations created in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 or earlier releases.
2. Click Annotate > New. A tab for the new combined view is created at the bottom of the graphics window and set active. For example, Coomb001. Similarly, create more combined views as required.
* When you create a new combined view, Creo Parametric captures all the current settings of the model and the current orientation. No annotations are automatically assigned to the new combined view. The new combined view is set as the active combined view.
3. Select one or more annotations from the Detail Tree, Model Tree or the graphics window.
4. Click Add to State. The Assign Annotations dialog box opens displaying a list of combined views.
5. Select one or more combined views from the list and click OK. The selected annotations are added to the selected combined views and are visible in the graphics window, that is, their display status is shown.
6. If you create new annotations or convert driving dimensions to DDAEs, the annotations are automatically added to the active combined view.