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To Set the Dimensional Tolerance Format
Set the Detail option default_tolerance_mode to one of the following values:
nominal—Displays dimensions without tolerances.
—Displays dimension value as basic.
limits—Displays dimensions as upper and lower limits.
plusminus—Displays dimensions as nominal with plus-minus tolerances. The positive and negative values are independent.
plusminussym—Displays dimensions as nominal with a single value for both the positive and the negative tolerance.
plusminussym_super—Same as plusminussym. However, displays plus-minus tolerance beginning at the half-way point of the dimension text extending up.
When you bring in groups from other models, they carry the Tolerance Display mode that was in effect when they were created.
In order to change the tolerance display for dimensions, the tolerance display must be shown. If the tolerance table is not visible on the screen, the Dimension dialog box will not allow the tolerance mode to be changed.
Changing the tolerance format of a selected dimension does not change the tolerance value.