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To Retrieve and Apply Existing Detail Options File
You can retrieve and apply an existing Detail options file to a model. Several standard Detail options setup files are available from the <loadpoint/text directory>.
1. Click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box opens.
2. Click change in the Detail Options line. The Options dialog box opens.
3. Click . The Open dialog box opens and displays a list of options with default values in the model.
4. Click Drawing Setup Directory in the Common Folders pane. The directory located at the path specified by pro_dtl_setup_dir configuration option that contains the Detail options setup files (.dtl) opens.
5. Browse to the required Detail options setup file (.dtl) and click Open. The options in the .dtl file are loaded in the Options dialog box.
6. Click Apply on the Options dialog box. The Detail options are applied to the current model.