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To Customize Environment Using Detail Options
You can customize the environment by modifying the existing Detail options file or you can create a new file based on your requirements.
1. Click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box opens.
2. Click change in the Detail Options line. The Options dialog box opens and displays a list of options in the model.
* To customize an existing Detail options file, click and browse to the appropriate .dtl file. The options in.dtl file are loaded in the Options dialog box.
3. From the list, select an option to modify or type the option name in the Option box.
* You can search for Detail options using Find.
4. In the Value box type or select a value.
5. Click Add/Change.
6. Click Apply. The modified value is applied to the model.
7. If required, click to save the settings to a .dtl file.