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To Define Annotation Orientation by Plane
1. On the Annotate tab, in the Annotation Planes group, click the dialog box launcher . The ANNOTATION PLANE MANAGER dialog box opens.
2. Click New. The ANNOTATION PLANE DEFINITION dialog box opens.
3. Click Reference Plane and select a datum plane or a flat surface to which you want the annotation to be parallel. The active annotation grid plane is displayed in light green and shows the default viewing and text directions. The text direction is the direction in which you read the text.
4. Click Flip next to Viewing Direction to flip the viewing direction of the annotation.
5. In the Text Rotation box, type a value for the angle of text rotation or select from the list of most recently used values. The direction of the arrow in the graphics area is updated accordingly.
* The default rotation angle of the annotation plane is 0.
6. If required, click Freeze Annotation Plane reference to freeze the annotation plane reference. The annotations that use this annotation plane do not reference the datum plane or named view.
7. If required, click Place Annotations on reference plane to place the annotation on a reference plane.
8. Click OK.