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To Create a Difference Report
1. Open the first of the two parts that you want to compare.
2. Click Tools > Compare Part > By Feature. The File Open dialog box opens.
* You can compare two assemblies using Tools > Compare Assembly in the Assembly mode. Similarly, you can compare two drawings using Review > Difference Report in the Drawing mode.
3. Select the second part. The difference report is displayed in the Creo Parametric browser.
* If you attempt to open a part with the same name as the first part, Creo Parametric creates a comparison model with the name <model_name>_CM#.
4. If required, sort the difference report in ascending or descending order based on the contents of a column by clicking its column header. Clicking the column header again reverses the sort order.
5. If required, export the difference report by clicking Export Report on the HTML report page. By default, the exported file is saved in the current working directory in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format as <model_name>_CMPR0.csvand <model_name>_CMPR0.csv.1. Set the export_report_format configuration option to rich_text to save the exported file in the rich text format as <model name>_CMPRO.txtand<model name>_CMPRO.txt.1. You can open these saved files in Microsoft Excel.
* The <model_name>_CMPR0.csv.1 and <model name>_CMPRO.txt.1 are version files. Whenever you export the same report again, new version files are created with incremented file names and the <model_name>_CMPR0.csv and <model name>_CMPRO.txt files are replaced by latest exported file.