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About Annotations in Difference Reports
You can generate a report of differences between Annotation features and Annotation Elements in two versions of the same model or drawing. This report describes the differences between the features of the two compared models or drawings, including the differences between Annotation features and differences between Annotation Elements. Models or drawings being compared can have the same or different names.
For User Defined Features and features that are a part of a group, the report displays the group name or the User Defined Feature name with the actual feature in parentheses in the Item Name column. This enables you to sort the report for similar grouped features by group name and UDF name. For example, Group_ABD(AE_1) whereGroup_ABD is the group name and theAE_1 is the actual feature.
Creo Parametric generates a difference report by comparing the two versions in the following manner (only the differences are reported).
Annotation Features in the Difference Report
Annotation feature name
Number of Annotation Elements in Annotation feature
Annotation Elements in the Difference Report
Annotation Element type
Annotation Element name and Annotation name
Annotation Element dependent and independent options
Annotation Element references
Number of References
Reference IDs
Type of references (Weak or Strong)
Annotation Element Parameters
Number of parameters
Parameter names
Parameter values
Annotations in the Difference Report
Annotation Display Status
Annotation Active or Inactive status
Note Properties
Text field value of a note
Uniform Resource Locator (URL) value of a note
Attachment references
Symbol Properties
Change information
Attachment references
Geometric Tolerance Properties
Geometric Tolerance type
Tolerance value
Attachment references
Text value
Surface Finish Properties
Surface finish values
Attachment references
Driven Dimension and Tolerance
Tolerance value