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Add/Edit Pattern
1. Add a new feature by selecting from the CAD model or feature tree — Clicking on this button launches the Add Feature window so you can add a feature to the pattern. You may either add a new feature by selecting surfaces from the CAD model or you may add an existing feature by selecting it from the feature tree. See Pattern Descriptions for a complete list of supported patterns.
2. Remove feature from the pattern — If you click on features(s) from the Features List and then click on this button, the selected feature(s) is removed from the list.
3. Features List — Shows a list of all of the features that have been selected. When you click on a feature in the list, the surfaces referenced by that feature are highlighted in the CAD model.
When adding or editing a pattern, keep in mind that the selected features must meet the following requirements:
1. All pattern members are features of size of the same type.
2. All pattern members must have matching size dimensions.
3. A datum feature may not be included in a pattern. To add a datum feature to a pattern, it must first be 'unset' before adding it to a pattern.
4. All of the applicable size dimensions and reference features have been specified for at least one of the pattern members.
5. All pattern members have locations and orientations such that they form a valid pattern.
When you click on the Accept button, the properties of the pattern type are populated in the dashboard.