Result Window Definition Dialog Box
Use the Result Window Definition dialog box to define the contents of a result window.
Valid quantity and display combinations depend on whether you are working in native mode or FEM mode as well as on the type of model, design study, and analyses you select for the result window. In addition, a selection in one category may not be valid with some items in the other categories.
Click Home > Results to open the Results user interface. In native mode, click Home > New, select the results to display, and then open the Result Window Definition dialog box. In FEM mode, click Home > New to open the Result Window Definition dialog box. In FEM mode you can use the Results command to load the results directly from a NASTRAN .xdb file. To load a Creo Simulate FEM mesh and the results file, click Home > Run > Open FEM Results.
The Result Window Definition dialog box consists of these main areas:
Name and title area—Specify a name and title for the result window. The name you type appears in the list on the Display Result Window dialog box. The title appears in the title bar of each result window. You can change the name and title at any time.
Study Selection—Select the design study or analysis that the software will use to generate the result display. You can also use this area to select modes, load sets, time steps, and load steps if these are part of the analysis or design study you select.
Display Type—Select the type of display for your result window.
Quantity tab—Select the quantity for your result window. After you select a quantity from the first option menu, you may see additional option menus or buttons you can use to complete selecting a quantity.
Display Options tab—Select various options for displaying your results. The available options depend on the display type you choose.
Display Location tab—Select specific locations on your model to display in the results window.
The Result Window Definition dialog box provides a top-down approach to defining the result window. As you make selections at the top of the dialog box, different choices become active or inactive as you move down from one area to another area. The type of design study you select affects the available display types and quantities that are available. When you select a display type, that determines the quantities and display options that are available. The dialog box lets you select only valid combinations.
For strategies on choosing among the various result window types, see Reviewing the Results.
You can display result windows using these methods:
If you are still working with the Result Window Definition dialog box, click the OK and Show button.
If you have finished defining the results and are working in the Results user interface, click View > Show and select result the windows from the Display Result Window dialog box.
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