Creo NC Sheetmetal > Manufacturing Parameters > To Set or Modify NC Sequence Parameters
To Set or Modify NC Sequence Parameters
1. From the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box, select the NC Seq tabbed page.
2. Select the desired NC sequence.
3. Click Operate > Redefine. The SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box opens.
4. Click Parameters. The SMM PARAMETERS dialog box opens with a complete set of parameters corresponding to the NC sequence type. The parameters are listed under branches that can be collapsed or expanded.
5. Select the desired parameter. The value appears in the input panel at the top of the dialog box. Depending on the parameter type, do the following:
If the parameter has a numeric value, enter a new value and press ENTER.
You can enter a mathematical expression, which may contain other parameters in the same NC sequence. For example, if you enter:
the overlapping distance is based on the size of the current tool (if the tool is later changed, OVERLAP_DIST is also updated).
You can also include relations, model dimension symbols (in assembly format, e.g., d12:0) and user-defined parameters that are already defined in relations for the model.
When modifying a parameter that has a string value, such as SCAN_TYPE, select the arrow to the right of the input panel. A drop-down list appears with all possible values for this parameter. Scroll to the value you want (to display it in the input panel), then press <CR>.
6. To save changes, click FILE > Save.
7. Click FILE > Done to finish.