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To Initialize the NC Sequence Parameters
There are several ways to initialize the NC sequence parameters:
If a site, corresponding to the type of the NC sequence, has been activated (whether by associating it to the workcell or by using the Activate option), it is automatically used to initialize the parameters. You can use the Site option in the Mfg Params menu to retrieve parameters of another site appropriate for the current NC sequence. Note that retrieving site parameters does not activate the site for subsequent NC sequences.
If parameters have been set at the operation level, they are carried over to the NC sequence level automatically.
Retrieve an existing NC sequence-specific parameters file. Click Retrieve from the Mfg Params menu and select a file name from the Data Files menu. This menu contains all the appropriate type files in the current directory, or in the library directory, if set. If the file resides in another directory, select Names and enter path and name for the file to be retrieved. The search will be started in the pro_mf_param_dir directory, if set; otherwise, in your current working directory.
If the retrieved file contains some parameters inapplicable to the current NC sequence, these parameters are listed in the INFO window.
Retrieve the set of parameters used for the previous NC sequence. The Use Prev option is available only after you have created at least one NC sequence.
You can use the Set option at any time to modify the parameter values.