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Post Processor Verbose Window Display
The Verbose option activates a windows display. You have the ability to see CL input, tape output, macro trace messages, console I/O, and general statistics during GENER processing. A designated window contains each of the above items. The file contains definitions that control which windows are displayed.
Interaction with the verbose windows is available either through use of the mouse or the keyboard. The following operations are supported:
d—Toggles the tape detail. Press the d key to toggle how often stepping occurs in the tape output window. The two modes are every register or every block. The default at start-up is every block. Stepping at every register tells you which order the software outputs registers (i.e. linears before feed rate) so that macros can be written (for example with PPFUN/11 to force block purging) with an understanding of the register output order.
Right mouse button—Toggles step mode. Press the right mouse button, or the escape key, to toggle GENER between single step mode and normal execution mode. When step mode is on, post-processing can be single stepped to provide a better understanding of the processing flow. When step mode is off, processing continues uninterrupted.
Left mouse button—Single step mode. Press the left mouse button in the desired window when step mode is on to cause GENER to stop after the next line of output to the selected window.
Middle mouse button—Window toggle. Press the middle mouse button in a selected window to turn output to the selected window on and off.