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Error File Utility
The error file utility permits you to customize error messages output by GENER. The file ncp160.err contains a list of all error messages used by GENER. Each error message consists of three fields; number, severity and text.
Do not modify the error number field because this is the number that GENER uses to find a particular error. You may modify all other information. The severity field specifies the severity of the error message. A severity from 0 through 3 signifies a message; warnings are from severity 4 through 7; errors from 8 through 15; and fatal errors from 16 and up. A negative severity disables the output of an error message. The message field specifies the text associated with an error number. The message text does not have a length limitation. A typical message appears as follows:
\ 01003004 4 MULTAX/ON with no Y-axis on this lathe.
Tool orientation may not be satisfied.
Any line that starts with an exclamation mark (!) is a comment. Lines that start with a back slash (\) define an error message. Error message definitions can continue from one line to the next and ignore any extra spacing characters.