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To Use a Tool Model
To use a tool model in Expert Machinist, you have to retrieve the tool using the Open Tool Library option. The system will look up the tool model and read appropriate dimension values into the tool parameter file. In the Tool Preview window of the Tool Setup dialog box, and when displaying a tool path, you will see the actual tool model, not a default tool.
1. On the Tool Setup dialog box menu bar, click File > Open Tool Library.
2. Choose By Reference or By Copy:
By Reference—Direct associativity with the library model will be established. You will not be able to modify the tool parameters for a particular machine tool by using the Tool Setup dialog box. If the tool model in the library is later modified, all the manufacturing data will be updated upon regenerating the manufacturing process.
By Copy—The tool information will be copied into the manufacturing process. The tool parameters for a machine tool can be modified using the Tool Setup dialog box; the library model will not be changed. If the library model is later modified, it will not affect this manufacturing process. If some of the parameters are missing in the tool model, the system will prompt you for the missing values.
3. Select a tool model name from the browser window.
The system reads in the tool parameters from the model (the model name is used as the tool Name). The system also includes the names of the component parts and assemblies of the tool model in the BOM table, located on the BOM tab of the Tool Setup dialog box.