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To Specify the Cutting Data for the Tool
In order to be able to specify the cutting data for a tool, you have to first set up the Material directory structure.
1. Go to the Speeds & Feeds tab of the Tool Setup dialog box.
2. Select stock material. The Stock Material drop-down list corresponds to your Material directory structure. The value displayed by default is that of the stock material specified in the Operation Setup dialog box.
3. You can supply separate data for Rough and Finish cutting. Select an Application: Roughing or Finishing.
4. Type the desired values in the text boxes for Speed, Feed, Axial Depth, and Radial Depth. The drop-down list on the right of each text box lets you change the units, as needed. You can also switch between the English and metric unit systems by selecting the appropriate option in the Properties group; this will change the options available in the units' drop-down lists.
5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for the second Application.
6. Save the tool. The system stores the cutting data in the appropriate Material subdirectory, in the <name>.tpm file, where <name> is the tool Name.
7. If you want to use the tool to cut a different material, repeat Steps 2 through 6.
The system uses the cutting data supplied for the tool when initializing the values in the Tool Path Properties dialog box.