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To Set Up the Material Directory Structure
Expert Machinist lets you select the cutting tools and set up feeds and speeds based on the stock material and condition. To utilize this functionality, you have to set up a certain directory structure before you start defining your operations and tooling.
Expert Machinist stores all the cutting tool data in a Tooling directory, which is specified by using the pro_mf_tprm_dir configuration option. For example, you can set this configuration option as follows:
pro_mf_tprm_dir /home/users/toolcrib
Expert Machinist will then place all the tool parameter files (.tpm files) in the /home/users/toolcrib directory.
To set up the material directory structure, create a subdirectory called materials in your Tooling directory. Spell the directory name exactly as shown.
Under the materials directory, create subdirectories corresponding to your stock materials and conditions. For example, you can create subdirectories steel20, steel30, aluminum, and so on. Your material directory structure setup is now complete.
When you later define an operation or a cutting tool, the system will list the available material subdirectories for you to choose from.
When you save the cutting tool data, the system will store the tool geometry parameters in a .tpm file in the Tooling directory, and create a .tpm file with the same name, containing the feeds and speeds data, in the appropriate material subdirectory. This feeds and speeds data can be used to initialize the values in the Tool Path Properties dialog box.
If you do not use the pro_mf_tprm_dir configuration option, the system will use your current working directory as the Tooling directory.