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Example: Setting Up the Material Directory Structure
1. Designate your Tooling directory by setting the configuration option:
pro_mf_tprm_dir /home/users/toolcrib
2. In the toolcrib directory, create a subdirectory and name it materials.
3. In the materials directory, create subdirectories for all your materials and conditions. For example, create three subdirectories: steel20, steel40, and aluminum.
Your Material directory structure is now complete. Now, when you start Expert Machinist, you will have your three material subdirectories listed when you set up an operation (for stock material), and when you set up the cutting tools. If, for example, you specified your stock material as steel20, and then created a mill tool with the Name ball25, your directory structure would look as follows:
----ball25.tpm (the file containing tool geometry parameters)
------ball25.tpm (the file containing tool feeds and speeds)