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To Select Holes by Axes
The Axes tab in the Drill Group dialog box enables you to select or unselect individual hole axes.
Click Add and select hole axes to add them to the Hole Set.
When you have a series of holes created as a pattern, it is not necessary to select all the hole axes. Select Pattern to indicate that you want all the pattern members to be drilled, then select any axis belonging to a pattern. You can drill only some holes in the pattern using the Single option.
All axes currently included in the Hole Group are listed in the central list box. If you have selected holes using a different method (for example, Diameters), the names of these axes also appear on the Axes tab.
To remove a previously selected axis from the Hole Group, highlight its name in the central list box and click Delete. Similar to adding axes, you can use the Pattern option to remove a whole pattern of holes.