Expert Machinist > Hole Group Features > To Create a Hole Group Feature
To Create a Hole Group Feature
1. Click Machining > Hole Group.
The system opens the Drill Group dialog box. The top portion of the dialog box contains two text boxes:
Drill Group Name—The default feature name, such as DRILL_GROUP_0 (the system increments the number for the next Hole Group feature). You can type a customized name.
Program Zero Selection—The name of the coordinate system used for machining. To change it, click next to the text box and select the new coordinate system.
The middle portion of the Drill Group dialog box contains four tabulated pages that provide means of Hole selection:
Axes—Specify holes by selecting individual hole axes.
Diameters—Specify holes by entering diameter value(s). The system automatically includes all Hole or round Slot features of specified diameter(s).
Surfaces—Specify holes by selecting surfaces of the reference model. The system automatically includes all Hole or round Slot features located on selected surfaces.
Parameters—Select holes with a certain parameter value.
2. Specify the holes to be drilled using any combination of methods listed above. See Combining SelectionMethods for information on how to use more than one selection method for defining a Hole Group (follow the link under SeeAlso).
The Info button opens an information window that lists the rules currently used in Hole selection.
The Preview button lets you view the currently selected holes by highlighting them in red.
3. Click OK to complete the feature, Cancel to quit.